DeliAnna – Barbera

Il mio paese sono quattro baracche e un gran fango, ma lo attraversa lo stradone principale dove giocavo da bambino. Siccome – ripeto – sono ambizioso, volevo girar tutto il mondo e, giunto nei siti più lontani, voltarmi e dire alla presenza di tutti: “Non avete mai sentito nominare quei quattro tetti? Ebbene, io vengo di là”.

(Dal racconto “La Langa”)

This is DeliAnna.

The Barbera dedicated to my sister

When a Barbera can give you great emotions…

I’ve always admired my sister because with her simplicity she manages to win people’s hearts.

Our Barbera is just like her, that’s why I wanted to call her DeliAnna in her honor!

The wine has an intense ruby red color, with purple veins.

The scent is broad and varied, with prevailing notes of tobacco, chocolate and toasting, accompanied by elegant nuances of fresh red fruits and spices.

In the mouth the wine is powerful, full. A good structure is supported by an excellent acidity boost, which contributes to give the wine a greater freshness and persistence.

🍽️ Best pairing?

Red meat or pasta with cheeses and meats, like Ragù

🌡️Serving Temperature

The ideal serving temperature is: 16-18 °C.

Come and try DeliAnna i’ll wait for you!

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