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The Tojo’s cellar milestones 🍷

The Tojo’s cellar milestones 🍷

Vittorio and Laura, my parents, are the milestones of the Tojo winery, and they, together with me (Francesco) and my sister Delia, are the ones who carry on the story of this wonderful company founded 70 years ago. I wanted to thank you Vittorio and Laura, because...

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The Mascotte of Tojo cellar🐶

The Mascotte of Tojo cellar🐶

The Mascot of the Tojo winery, a faithful friend and companion of the working days: Brigida 😍🐶. Brigida, you can't call her a dog, but a real friend or sister. All the time I am in the vineyard she follows me as if she were obliged to follow me and be close to me....

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Alma Escamotage Label🥂

Alma Escamotage Label🥂

Hi Guys, from today I start to introduce you to my labels!! Well, let's start from the label of our ESCAMOTAGE ALMA. 😍😊 The label is blue because of the name Alma (which means soul). I chose the name because of the passion and the soul I put in (I and my dad) to...

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Purtroppo non posso più accoglierti in cantina a causa del Coronavirus 😢

Non disperare però: per farti degustare comunque i miei vini è nata la Tojo Smart Tasting. Ho preparato per te delle promozioni molto interessanti che potrai ricevere direttamente a casa tua. Inoltre con ogni spedizione, se lo vorrai, ti omaggerò una video degustazione a distanza ed una passeggiata nelle vigne virtuale.

📞 Per saperne di più chiamami o scrivimi su WhatsApp: 335 172 7573. E speriamo che questo periodo passi in fretta...

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