Vittorio and Laura, my parents, are the milestones of the Tojo winery, and they, together with me (Francesco) and my sister Delia, are the ones who carry on the story of this wonderful company founded 70 years ago.

I wanted to thank you Vittorio and Laura, because thanks to you I was able to completely renew the cellar from the work in the vineyard (which I will gradually explain in the stories Instagram, if you do not follow me yet my account is @tojo_winery), to that in the cellar, and from the point of view of packaging and image in a more modern key that I wanted to give.

  • Thank you because not all parents leave carte blanche to the young people.
  • Thank you for the teachings and advice that you are still giving me today.
  • Thank you for the memories related to you and our work (PASSION) that will always remain in my heart.


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