The Mascot of the Tojo winery, a faithful friend and companion of the working days: Brigida 😍🐶.

Brigida, you can’t call her a dog, but a real friend or sister.

All the time I am in the vineyard she follows me as if she were obliged to follow me and be close to me.

I’ll tell you a short story…

For more than 20 years now we have had a vineyard far from the winery where we use the tractor to get there.
A few months ago, as if nothing had happened, I left to reach the vineyard, when… I look in the mirror and who can see that she was running like a madwoman? Brigida.

Then I loaded it with me on the tractor and we went to work together.
Since then every time I go away from home I take her with me… because I’m sure, if I didn’t bring her, I’d find her again looking in the mirror to run after me like a mad one!!

Want to meet Brigida?

Write me an email to or call me or write me on WhatsApp at 3351727573 😊

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