Hi, we are Francesco and Delia, two young wine producers.

Every weekend you can come and visit our wine cellar and taste our wines. If you’ve never visited a wine producer before, it’s an experience we absolutely recommend you do at least once in your life! If you have already tried… Well, you know better than we do that you don’t stop at the first time!

Plan a trip to Tojo Winery to experience unforgettable moments:

I’ll be waiting for you

When you drive up the hill to Bauda, where Tojo Winery is located.

In fact, almost certainly not only us, because Brigida, our dog, as well will run to meet you greeting you (if you are afraid of dogs let me know in advance and there will be no problem).

We strongly believe in the value of traditions and sharing, that’s why we decided to commit ourself to welcome you to our cellar and tell you how our work is done and how our wines come to life.

Today more than ever we feel that there is so much need to preserve and disseminate the precious heritage that has been left to us and that is part of our history.

We will tell you many stories and anecdotes of our grandfather and great-grandfather, until our dad and finally us, brother and sister, with all our latest innovations.

WARNING: there’s a risk that they will intrigue you

Stimulates all 5 senses

Imagine enjoying a day in contact with nature, immersed in the vineyards among beautiful hills.

Breathe in the country air (smell), let yourself be moved by the changing colours (sight), touch with your hands what surrounds you (touch) and pay attention to the sounds you hear (hearing).

Afterwards you only have to stimulate the sense of taste, and for this reason we will help you with the tasting of Tojo wines!

… and live a multisensory experience

delianna barbera tojo vini

From today also by e-bike

Would you also like to combine a beautiful panoramic e-bike tour between Langhe and Monferrato?

From today it is possible thanks to the E-bike + Tojo Experience. A beautiful ring to be discovered, suitable for everyone thanks to the electric bicycles that I will provide you.

Find out all the details by clicking here.

E-bike rental + guided tour + snack with only € 35 more

Here are the stages of the #TojoExperience

(you don’t have to memorize them, I’ll be there to guide you)


1 • Walk in the vineyards + Tojo's Terrace

We will start the experience with a nice walk in the vineyards. I will guide you to the “Tojo Terrace”, where in front of your eyes there will be a wonderful view…

2 • Cellar Tour

From the vineyards we will pass to the cellar, where the  vinification takes place.

we will explain step by step how Tojo wines are made!

3 • Tasting time!

Finally we will head to the most delicious and fun part of the visit. You will taste our wines explained by us and paired wite fine local cheeses and cold cuts. There will be also a surprise but we don’t want to tell too much yet!

When the Tojo experience is open?

Every Saturday and Sunday.


10:30 – 12:30 (5 minutes before is better than 5 minute later 🙂 )

Is Booking needed?

Yes, to participate in the Tojo Experience it is essential to book before 15:00 on the day before the day of your interest.

This will allow us to organize and prepare everything in the best possible way!

To book you can write an email to francesco@tojovini.it or call 335 1727573 (also WhatsApp).

How much the experience costs?

The cost for the experience is 15€, for kids is free

The e-bike version of the Tojo Experience includes a supplement of € 35 per person which includes: e-bike rental, guided tour, snack with local products.

Electronic payment is available

Where is the location?

At the Az. Agr. Bocchino Vittorio TOJO, in Località Bauda, 11, 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo CN.

 Here you have the link for Google Maps: https://g.page/TojoWinery

 write an email to francesco@tojovini.it or call 335 1727573 (also WhatsApp).

Won't you be able to come soon?

No problem! The important thing is that you don’t run out of wine. Did you know that from today you can receive our wines directly at your home? Just visit the Tojo Online Shop. Click on the button below:

What people are saying about us? 🙂

 “There are young people I meet for the first time who impress me with their skill. In particular Tojo, a company in Santo Stefano Belbo, who makes me taste some really interesting and unexpected wines, like his Moscato Secco, which I didn’t think was so fragrant…

– Paolo Massobrio ilGolosario ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“We participated in a “Tojo Experience” and it was a very pleasant afternoon in good company with very special people. The Bocchino family welcomed us into their company as if we were long-time friends and let us visit their vineyards, their cellar and above all let us taste some of their excellent wines. A special applause for Vittorio who was able to transmit to Francesco his love for wine. Bravo!
The dry moscato “Alma” is highly recommended: it is very special.”

– Stefano Murari ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Very remarkable wines, both Moscato Secco and Barbera. Superlative welcome, sincere, true people..

– Pierluigi Modesti ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Exceptional wines and more! You will also find an exceptional family that still works with great passion!!!”

– Pamela Ronchi ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ll wait for you in the cellar, book your tour!

Every weekend you can come and discover the world of Tojo and taste our wines.

To book your visit please fill out the form below, or call me at +39 335 1727573 (you can also write to me on WhatsApp).

Pick a time for your Tojo Experience: vineyard tour + cellar tour + wine tasting €15 per person.

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