Hi Guys, from today I start to introduce you to my labels!! Well, let’s start from the label of our ESCAMOTAGE ALMA. 😍😊

The label is blue because of the name Alma (which means soul).
I chose the name because of the passion and the soul I put in (I and my dad) to create this wonderful wine. 🥂

Naturally there is the stamp of the Association of Aroma of a Territory. Escamotage put to enhance the product Dry Market.
Go to visit the page on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aromadiunterritorio/! 😉🍾

On the back of the label, however, I decided to write a quote from Cesare Pavese, as I strongly believe in my country and my territory, just as the writer believed. 📚📖🖋

Let me know if you liked this little curiosity by writing to me on Instagram or at 3351727573.


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